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Tower of the Americas

We honestly took clients to new heights at the recent ReDoc client event in San Antonio, TX. During APTA’s CSM our group stepped out 750-feet in the air to connect at Bar 601 atop The Tower of Americas. The scenic outlook was a perfect setting to debut ReDoc® powered by xfit™, our cloud-based version of ReDoc. (Get it?) […]

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Whale Sightings @ the WoundExpert® Client Conference

SAWC WoundExpert Client Conference

Our WoundExpert product pros really went in for the krill (I said it) when they designed the client conference at SAWC Spring in Atlanta. With the buoyant backdrop of the Georgia Aquarium our clients hit a variety of small group interactive mini-sessions focused on product features, wound care workflow, and regulatory matters. Docent-led views of […]

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Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association

Our team joined thousands of therapy professionals for the Combined Sections Meeting in Anaheim.

Our team joined thousands of therapy professionals for the Combined Sections Meeting in Anaheim. We had a great time sharing why ReDoc is the perfect fit for PTs and spreading the Net Health love with plenty of swag and Apple Watch giveaways (congrats ladies!). Friday night, our clients joined us for an exclusive ReDoc event at the Ruth’s […]

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Net Health Valentines Buzz Image

Here’s a collection of Valentine’s Day cards perfectly fitted to put a smile on your friends’ faces, assuming they share your clever sense of humor… We know your daily world of specialized medical care comes with its own language, a lexicon that only you and your peers can truly appreciate. Well, we say this Valentine’s Day […]

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WoundExpert Client Soiree at San Antonio’s River Walk

WoundExpert Client Conference 2015 | Net Health

An industry main event, the Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC), is a place we always entertain clients. San Antonio’s River Walk offered a scenic and cocktail-laden opportunity to try something new. Rounds of speed-dating style education let clients explore topics like trending compliance issues and proposed product features. The verdict? Big win.

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APTA NEXT | Net Health | ReDoc

Ladies and Gentleman, we’ve seen the future of Physical Therapy…and it looks great in hats. (And mustaches, crazy glasses, boas, ear muffs, etc.) During last week’s trip to APTA NEXT, an event designed for forward-thinkers in the industry, the Net Health photo booth was brimming with fun-loving crowds of therapists and students. Perfect fit.

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