Product Naming Updates

We are excited to announce upcoming changes to the names of our products. These updates are designed to enhance clarity, improve your overall experience, and ensure a cohesive brand identity. Below, you will find all the details you need to understand these changes and how they will benefit you. 

Why Are We Making These Changes?

Simplification and Clarity: 

  • We are simplifying product names to make them more straightforward and easier to understand. 
  • By reintroducing familiar legacy names, we aim to leverage the recognition and trust that our customers have in these products. 

Customer Feedback: 

  • Extensive research and customer feedback highlighted the need for a more intuitive naming system. 
  • These changes address the concerns shared during the NEXT conference and other feedback channels. 

Better Alignment to Product Value: 

  • We are shifting our product names to better suit and describe the products and the value we provide, particularly in the context of value-based care.” 
  • This alignment helps our clients understand the purpose and capabilities of our solutions, reinforcing our commitment to supporting their success in value-based care initiatives.” 
  • The rebranding reflects our focus on delivering real-time information and insights that empower providers to proactively manage their clinical and operational performance. 

What Are the Key Changes? 

Rehab Therapy: 

  • Renaming to familiar names such as Optima and ReDoc. 
  • Therapy for Clinics will continue to be called as such until further notice. 

Wound Care: 

  • Names have been simplified and already started to be used organically by our teams. 

Occupational Health: 

  • Names are also simplified and organically adopted by our teams. 

Value-Based Care Solutions (formerly PointRight): 

  • This product line requires more extensive changes and more details to follow in-tool, through our communication channels from your account support teams. 
  • Modifications across various touchpoints, including in-app updates, will be necessary.


Implementation Date: 

  • The new naming convention will be rolled out starting in June. 

Phased Approach: 

  • To ensure a smooth transition, changes will be implemented in phases, with clear communication at each stage. 

What to Expect? 

Consistent Communication:

We will ensure that all touch-points, including the website, in-app names, and promotional materials, are updated. 

Minimal Disruption:

Our goal is to minimize any confusion or friction during this transition. 

Customer Support:

Our support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Contact Information 

For any questions or assistance, please reach out to the support team based on your product line: 

New NameFormer name Email 
Optima Therapy for Senior Living & Skilled Nursing 
WoundExpert Wound Care 
Value-Based Care Solutions  PointRight 
Therapy for Clinics Therapy for Clinics 
ReDoc Therapy for Hospitals 
FOTO Analytics FOTO Patient Outcomes 
Occupational Health Employee Health & Occupational Medicine 
Tissue Analytics Tissue Analytics 

Feedback and Support 

We value your feedback and are committed to staying close to you throughout this process. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences as we make these changes. 

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership!