Boost Therapist Productivity with Net Health Therapy for Hospitals – Acute 

Streamline your patient and therapist management while boosting efficiency, performance, and outcomes.

Progress Over Perfection  

No one expects 100% productivity in the acute rehab therapy world, but progress is crucial.  

What are your department’s therapist productivity expectations? What if you could meet or even surpass those expectations?  

Use the calculator below to estimate just how much you can increase efficiency in your clinic if you were able to see just 1 or 2 additional patients per day thanks to Net Health Therapy for Hospitals – Acute.  

calculator here

Ditch the old whiteboard and never visit an empty room again. Get Net Health Therapy for Hospitals – Acute and supercharge your patient management with the digital Patient Management Board and real-time Clinician Worklist.

  • For a full assessment of your current therapist productivity and potential increase by
    implementing Net Health Therapy for Acute Care, click “Get Full Report” and complete
    the form to request an in-depth, personalized review of your therapy operations. The
    results displayed by this calculator are for basic estimation only and are calculated based
    on the input information you provide.
  • For the calculations, 1 Productive Unit is equal to 15 minutes of a clinician providing
    billable care. An 8-hour day divided into 15-minute increments (4 per hour) equals 32
    potential billable units each per day, per clinician. A patient visit is equal to 2 billable
    units. We use Productive Units to measure productive, billable time during the day,
    compared to time spent on other, non-productive tasks. While you certainly wouldn’t
    expect 100% productivity in the acute care setting, this calculation helps to measure how
    close you are to the goals and expectations you’ve put in place.
  • Average Clinician Productivity (%) = Average Daily Productive Units per Clinician ÷ 32
    potential billable units per day. Simply put, the higher the output of Productive Units
    versus total potential billable units each per day, the greater the productivity.
  • This calculator is based on physical therapy and occupational therapy in the acute care setting.