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Avera Rehab Therapy Excellence Program | Best Practices for Amazing KPIs + Optimal Outcomes

Hosted by Phil Moe, Therapy Services Manager, this webinar series is designed to align therapists, clinicians, and other ReDoc users to best practices around workflow success, quality metrics, operational KPIs, and the business performance expectations of the Avera outpatient rehab program.

Upcoming Lunch-n-Learn Webinar Topics

Therapist Documentation
March 5, 2020 | 1 – 1:45 pm ET
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Next topic | To be announced

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Missed one? Catch the video of a past lunch-n-learn webinar.

Session #2 | Therapist Documentation | March 5, 2020

Session #1 | Registration – Clerical | January 16, 2020

Meet Your Host

Abby Jackson | ReDoc and Net Health


Abby C. Jackson, PT , Clinical Solutions Consultant, has worked alongside directors and private practice business owners of all sizes across the United States. As a result, she has a keen sense of the obstacles healthcare businesses face on a daily basis. 

Reach out to Abby at ajackson@nethealth.com

Some thoughts about ReDoc® from your peers @ Avera

“The workflows make it easy to navigate.”

Ashley | Avera Health System

One of the reasons I rate ReDoc highly? Implementation and training.

Maklia | Avera Health System

One of the reasons I rate ReDoc highly? Products and features.

Ember | Avera Health System

Other Fun Things of Interest

Big KPI Improvements

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff, with the support of ReDoc tools, are confident we’ll improve best practices, execute the discussed gameplan, and help deliver the ROI you’re seeking.

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Top 5 Reports You Should Be Reviewing (But Probably Aren’t)

You and your CFO are well aware of the financial pain points around outpatient rehab therapy, but it’s time to change that. Lead the conversation with data that presents your department as an asset to the organization.

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