October 19, 2021 | Net Health

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3 Benefits of OccMed Mobile Screening and Immunization

Occupational medicine (OccMed) today offers the convenience for employees to receive screenings and testing right at their workplace. While many clinics may not have considered mobile immunizations and screening, there are a slew of benefits to them. Below, we will take a look at a few reasons why mobile services are an added bonus to OccMed.

Enables Employees to Get Vaccinations Where they Work  

In a pandemic era with social distancing and other safety-related protocols in place, the ability to offer mobile capabilities to employers in a convenient and seamless manner has become key for the health of their employees. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s also crucial to provide mobile vaccinations and immunizations to those in rural areas who may typically have limited medical access.1 This includes testing for workers in rural communities as well.

When providing mobile immunizations to communities all over, it’s important to bear in mind that the CDC requires healthcare staff to offer patients a Vaccine Information Statement (VIS).  A VIS explains the benefits and risks of a vaccine to those receiving a vaccine. The CDC provides the most up-to-date VIS on their website at www.cdc.gov. This document must be presented to:2

  • Any individual getting a vaccine or that person’s parent or caregiver
  • Prior to administering the vaccine so to provide time for questions

Serves as a Valuable Add-On to an OccMed Clinic

A mobile clinic can provide a number of different services that can be combined with an OccMed facility. Whether employees need to complete a pre-employment drug test,  a Department of Transportation (DOT) or Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) physical exam, an audiogram testing, or assess a work-related injury, these services can be easily obtained at a mobile location. By having an OccMed mobile unit come directly to your workplace, employers can get all the services they need right where they are.

Adding a mobile unit to a regular facility can also offer other significant benefits such as:

  • Convenience for workers who can remain productive on-site
  • Quick and easy wellness services for workers
  • Available service for employers with multiple company locations

Becomes a Great Investment in Technology 

To ensure compliance and the safety of all workers, it’s essential to track immunizations, including vaccine information for COVID-19. Reliable occupational medicine software allows OccMed facilities to ensure that employers never miss a beat with the immunizations of their workforce through a convenient mobile app that provides quick reports, records, and more.  A mobile unit can hone in on these benefits with Net Health’s Mobile Immunization Tracking platform that can conveniently be used at any employer location or branch.


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