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3 Health Tech Innovation Lessons for Healthcare – Net Health

Tissue Analytics's co-founder, Kevin Keenahan
Kevin Keenahan

Tech innovators always have fascinating ideas and insights.  Net Health Senior Vice President and co-founder of Tissue Analytics recently shared some of his thoughts in Digital Executive Magazine.  The article was a follow-up to a podcast that aired earlier this year, entitled Biomedical Engineer and Entrepreneur Solving the World’s Healthcare Problems.

After sharing the history of the founding of Tissue Analytics, a pioneer in the field of mobile wound care management platforms, Kevin gave his thoughts on three lessons healthcare technology innovators and entrepreneurs should remember.

Three Steps for Healthcare Innovators

  • Problem-First Approach. Kevin notes that while innovators are problem solvers, they often start with building a solution without looking at how the tech will be used.  “We can’t begin to solve a problem until we truly understand all its dimensions,” he said. “If we don’t, the result can be a flashy piece of tech that doesn’t serve any meaningful purpose at the expense of a lot of resources.”
  • Consider Integration Complexities. That problem-first approach led Tissue Analytics to focus on another important lesson: “Your solution has to work with the existing tech stack or process ecosystem,” Kevin said. For Tissue Analytics, that meant implementing strategies to limit the need for double documentation or sign-in to multiple platforms to accomplish the task. These seemingly minor time losses might seem unimportant, but they can be deal-breakers for a busy clinician.
  • Be a Master of Your Space. Kevin recommends that “when you are creating a solution for a particular sector within the healthcare space, take the time to become a master of everything related to that space.” Tissue Analytics upheld that lesson by ensuring their platform could integrate with major EMRs. Kevin also stresses the need to know about the key players within the space – who they are – the ins and outs of their organization and their future plans. Developing products and services that fit those needs will help you reach your goals.  

Innovators Will Succeed

Kevin finished his article by noting that there are considerable exciting innovations on the horizon for the healthcare industry.  Those innovators who succeed will be the ones who focus on specific problems first, learning the intimate details of those problems and working to become masters of their space.

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