November 21, 2017 | Net Health

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4 Ted Talks: Physical Therapy

There are new thoughts and approaches coming into the world of Physical Therapy everyday. Check out four unique ideas presented in the world-renowned lecture series, “TED Talk”.


1. “Physical Therapy is boring — play a game instead” by Cosmin Mihaiu

One of the most difficult aspects to a PT practice is engaging with your patients in a way that makes exercises more than a chore. Often the desire for immediate results and the failure to see them cause those undergoing PT to underperform. This only prolongs the time in which it takes to recuperate. TED Fellow Cosmin Mihaiu speaks about how he learned from his own difficult PT experience and created a product designed to encourage recovery.

2. “Muscle matters” by Dr. Brendan Egan at TEDxUCD

In the world of PT, you know the importance of staying active. It’s not just about rehabilitation, but maintaining healthy habits. In his TEDx Talk from the University of Dublin, Dr. Brendan Egan discusses “sarcopenia”  and the natural decay of muscle. He also reminds us, though, that all it takes is consistency to ensure that our bodies are functioning as best as possible.


 3. “Why some people find exercise harder than others” by Emily Balcetis

Not all people are created equal. While this may seem a harsh statement, it can help us understand why getting to the gym seems far easier for some and not others. Emily Balcetis presents on the differences certain people have in regards to exercise; however, Emily isn’t concerned so much with physical disparities as much as psychological ones. She talks about how we view the finish line and how that affects us getting there.

4. “Pushing boundaries in Physical Therapy” by Shelly Prosko

As physical therapists, it’s so important to pay attention to the entire individual rather than just the injury. A wholistic perspective, though, can often be a little harder to assess. Shelly Prosko speaks from personal experience regarding PT. While unorthodox in her approach, Shelly reminds us that we are more than our injuries, more than our role in the healing process (be it patient or therapist). We are humans who hurt and heal.

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