December 14, 2017 | Net Health

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5 Reasons SaaS Will Stay Relevant in the Healthcare Market

Being in the cloud can be a scary thing, but Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model has accommodations for healthcare providers that are hard to dispute. Users connect directly to medical software and/or their EMR through an online portal and get billed by subscription fees. SaaS applications originally faced backlash for security reasons, but with more safeguards in place healthcare businesses are starting to see the benefit to SaaS applications. Here are some huge ways that healthcare companies see gains:

  1. The Burden of Maintenance is the Vendors

    • Hospitals, private practices, clinics, etc. are always changing landscapes with always changing needs. When working with a SaaS application it’s the vendors responsibility to make sure that the software keeps in shape with a business as part of their service. They could be doing a clean-up bi-weekly to guarantee that their product is working properly. That means your software is always up-to-date.
  2. New Features & Integrations Continuously Roll Out

    • Keeping a good relationship with a vendor involves reporting what works, doesn’t work, and functionality that would be helpful in in the future. Since the software wasn’t purchased as a hard-copy, features and updates are more realistically possible through the cloud-based software without needing a vendor to send out a on-site implementation or having to buy a new product.
  3. Don’t need to hire on-site developers to develop SaaS applications

    • A Healthcare business is patient facing and has focus resources on making sure that patients are getting the appropriate treatment. Using a SaaS platform, attention doesn’t need to be averted from patients to software. Instead, the SaaS vendors is responsible for guaranteeing that the product works. This can be a major benefit for medical companies with small IT teams, because the software development and improvement could take significant time and backing.
  4. It’s Accessible Anywhere

    • This is especially vital for medical professionals who travel. Having protected access on the go means you don’t need to backtrack to do the visit documentation.
  5. Data Exchange Is Better for Interoperability

    • Data coming from multiple sources allows for discrepancies. SaaS platforms serve as central meeting points for that data, and they can help standardize the way data is stored and processed. The SaaS environment makes for a more cohesive stream of data and can potentially solve interoperability problems.
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