March 12, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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5 Tips for Rehab Therapists to Maximize Internet Productivity

The Internet can be a great source of research and communication, especially if used wisely. In order to make sure your time online is productive and time-efficient, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can help any rehab therapist make the best use of it.

1. Bookmark Commonly Used Websites

Bookmarking your favorite websites or most visited links on your browser will help you save time with each online visit. You can even organize your bookmarks in a way that makes the most sense to you, whether it’s in chronological order or by topic. Creating a bookmark list will make it quick and easy for you to access your sites any time you need to.

2. Stick to One or Two Browsers

Why, you ask? Each browser has its own set of unique benefits and functionalities. Navigating the web can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with the browser you’re using. Use the browser you feel most comfortable with and that is most user-friendly for you. This will help you save not only time but any added stress as well.

3. Learn Common Keystrokes

Did you know that Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V will copy and paste anything you have selected? Did you also know that the backspace will take you back a page? One of the nifty things about browsers is that they have a few shortcuts within dropdown menus. Shortcuts that are designed to make navigating different pages and documents easier for you. Look for these shortcuts too help you execute common commands in a jiffy.

4. Customize Your Homepage

Is there a generic homepage that pops up every time you open your browser? You can change and adjust your browser settings to open up to your website of choice instead. By using top search engines, you can customize your homepage to include your favorite links, certain news feeds and more.

5. Stay on Course

It’s easy for us to get sidetracked when we’re online, and it happens to all of us from time to time. A good way to remain focused is by giving yourself a set time, say 20 minutes or so, to complete research or respond to a series of emails. Then you can give yourself some time to read the news or check your social media account. Staying on track, even if it’s for a short while, is key to being productive when surfing the Internet.

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