February 18, 2022 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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6 Helpful Blog Tips for Your Physical Therapy Practice

If your physical therapy practice has a website, adding a blog to it is a smart idea. Why? Because blog content can help search engines find your website, as well as help improve your rankings in search without paying for costly ads. That said, you also have to do the blog right so it will get the results you want. Here are some basics to know to set up a physical therapy blog on your website.

1) Consider Word Count and Content

It’s best to have your blog be at least 250-350 words long as a rule. Before you start writing, it’s important that you know what you’re going to write about. It always help to choose a concise topic, then at least three different facts or pillars about the topic. This may take a little research.

2) Write A Catchy Headline

You want a headline that makes someone want to read it. Make sure your headline is concise yet informative. It can be a statement or a question. Think of your headline as your invitation to the article, something that will grab your audience’s attention.

Consider these questions:

  • Why would someone want to read your blog?
  • Is your blog going to help them solve a problem?
  • Will your blog help them save money?

3) Write Your First Draft

Ideally, set aside enough time to write your first draft at one sitting. Go ahead and get it all out before your start editing. If you edit line by line to make each line perfect, chances are you won’t ever finish your blog! Be sure to be enthusiastic about your topic. Yes, it may be providing important medical information, but it should be engaging to the reader. Boring is OUT.

4) Include Search Terms

Remember, part of the reason you’re writing a blog is to help Search Engine Optimization. Include important phrases to your practice: i.e. best PT in [insert city name here] relief for back pain, Physical Therapy Clinics, etc.

5) Review Your Draft

Make sure you’re backing up your statements with research or facts. A blog does not always have to pure opinion. Run it through Spell Check. Check your grammar. Ask someone you respect to review it. Give yourself enough time to think about it overnight.

6) Select Relevant Images

Images can enhance your blog, improve its flow, add humor and make it easier to explain complex topics. Plus, by adding visuals to your blog, it may grab your audience’s attention even more.

Even putting a blog together requires some dedication and effort. Combine all of these elements together and you will find the right solution for your blog strategy in no time.

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