July 13, 2019 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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7 Steps to Optimizing a PT Clinic’s Facebook Page

Setting up a proper Facebook page is critical in properly representing your clinic on the platform and throughout the internet. Below are 7 easy steps to follow to achieve an optimized Facebook page for your PT clinic.

1) Profile Image

The profile photo is the first thing that most consumers see. This image is a cornerstone of the business page, but the photo is also used as a thumbnail when consumers are searching for a clinic.

Does this image represent your brand?

This is image is used as a thumbnail and is included with your business name. A logo is typically a good idea here.

Does your image fit profile guidelines?

The profile image size guidelines are continually being updated as the platform design evolves. What’s more, there are different size requirements for mobile devices and computer desktop monitors. Make a note to check the guidelines every year or so to ensure you have the proper dimensions.

2) Cover Photo

The cover photo is the first thing people see after the landing page on your clinic’s Facebook page. This spot should be used as your first opportunity to engage with your visitors and show them who you are and what you do.

Does your cover photo show what you do?

At a quick glance, does this image or video show provide a visual of what your PT business offers?

Does your cover photo fit the guidelines?

Like the profile photo guidelines, the cover photo guidelines change every so often. But don’t fret. Suggestions are provided when you upload your image.

Does your cover photo fit mobile?

Following the guidelines will assure that your image fits mobile. However, you’ll want to check manually to make sure the visuals are centered and look the way you want them to.

3) Button

The button is your ultimate call to cation. 

Are you using a “Call Now”, “Send Message”, or Both?

“Call Now” is always recommended. Yet “Send Message” or “Email Us” is a little less aggressive and allows consumers to reach out to and ask a question first before calling. Confused on what to do? Then do both!

4) Services

The Services section is a great way of showing consumers what it is that you do. As a PT, you know what physical therapy offers, but does your audience? Most likely not. Including all your services here makes consumers aware that you are a solution to their issues.

Are you using physical therapy as a service? Are you including your services like: back pain, neck pain, sports rehab, post surgery rehab, etc.)?

5) About Section

The About section is the best place to optimize the content for your Facebook business page.

Are you using Physical Therapist as your category? Do you have hours, payment options, and additional contact info? Does your “Our Story” section contain a long description?

In general, the more content, the better for optimization. Therefore, you don’t want to keep this section short. A couple paragraphs will suffice.

6) Staff/Bios Section

Many consumers like to do their research about the people, especially in healthcare. Including bios and information about your staff shows consumers more about who the people are behind the clinic.

Do all of your PTs have a bio? How about your admins/front desk?

7) Review Generation

Online reviews are the best way to earn credibility on the internet. Facebook reviews are the second most recommended review platform on the internet. Make sure you stay on top of your reviews and respond to make good for those that may be negative.

Want to know more about optimizing your PT clinic’s Facebook page? Contact Net Health to learn more about our digital marketing solutions and how they can improve your PT business.

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