February 16, 2018 | Doug Cundiff, MPT, MPH

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APTA CSM’s Big Three Topics to Watch

APTA CSM’s Big Three Topics to Watch - Net Health Going to be in New Orleans for APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting (#APTACSM) from February 21st to 24th? Make sure to customize your curriculum to balance both clinical and industry information. With well over 300 educational sessions – select courses that will have the most benefit to your own work. Take a moment to plan a schedule that educates you on smart choices for your therapy business and how to create the best experience for your patients.

  1. Find classes discussing the role of physical therapy in population health.
    • America is spending more money on healthcare per person than any other high-income nation. With medical expenditures surmounting $3 trillion dollars annually and health indicators lagging other industrialized nations, we as Americans need to look to fresh healthcare solutions. Part of the reason for the high medical costs relates to chronic conditions being treated regularly with expensive medical technologies. We all know that physical therapy is in a unique position to have a significant impact on this. While at CSM, learn more about the roles rehab therapists can play to improve population health.
  2. Look for sessions on managing value-based payment models.
    • Across the United States, more and more PT clinics are moving away from fee-for-service models and towards value-based payment models. The shift is to provide the best possible care, at the right time, to the right patient, at a realistic price. Outcomes reporting is one of the major factors in a value-based payment model. This means clinics are adjusting to collect patient outcome data and also analyze results. Make it a point at CSM to get comfortable with what value-based payment models look like and think about workflow or documentation changes needed to support them.
  3. Make sure to watch for patient engagement seminars.
    • What’s a clinic without patients, right? Driving patient engagement is, rightfully, a huge industry trend. We all recognize that patients are consumers who have a choice of providers. Ensuring that clinics are facilitating patients needs is crucial to establishing your practice’s reputation. Outside of that, just communicate with your patients. Facilitate a relationship between them and your clinic that keeps them connected to you. These efforts will have an impact on patient attendance goals as well. Make your way to a session at CSM that discusses the benefits of an improved patient experience.

Doug oversees Net Health 360 Professional Services for Rehab Therapy. With 22 years of experience in Rehab Therapy, Doug is an industry guru for best business practices in therapy settings.

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