April 7, 2020 | Net Health

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CIO Reactions to Covid-19 and Advice for Adapting to Newly Remote Teams

Check out these articles featuring interviews with Atlanta CIOs and suggestions for creating a “watercooler environment”

HMG Strategy Interviews Three CIOs

“Nobody had thought of a global pandemic as part of their business continuity planning” – Net Health CIO Jason “JJ” James

These are unprecedented times and C-suite leaders across the globe struggle to stay the course while seemingly drifting through uncharted waters. In life-changing situations, society looks to the government or people of power or expertise for guidance, solutions, and ultimately, hope. The same goes for our business; we look to our CEOs, CROs, and in the software world, our CIOs.

In crises like COVID19, companies and their employees need leaders that embody strength and resilience — leaders that are straight-shooters, conveying the future isn’t clear, while still displaying those leading the charge are courageous and rapidly adapting to the situation. HMG Strategy recently spoke with three Atlanta-based CIOs, including Net Health’s CIO Jason “JJ” James, that fit the bill, all doing their part to prepare their company and its employees during these times of uncertainty.

Click the link to read “CIO Leadership: Leading Courageously in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty” to hear firsthand from technology leaders that are stepping up when they’re needed the most.

Suggestions for Leading in a Remote Work Environment

Working from home for employees is one initiative that is vital and necessary for preparing and adapting to the changes that stem from the Coronavirus’ impact. Companies can provide all the required equipment and resources for employees to continue their role, but additional tactics and guidance should be considered. The transition from daily office interactions to isolated workspaces at home, coupled with the uncertain time frame, can take a mental toll. To combat the redundancy and possible physiological stress of working remotely full time, leaders should be ready to motivate and reassure their employees.

Net Health CIO Jason James, AKA JJ, a longtime proponent and champion of remote work, recently published an article offering advice to fellow leaders to help their employees deal with these changes, such as social tools to implement and create a “virtual watercooler”.

Click the link to read “How to lead in the age of newly remote teams”.

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