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19th Annual Clinical Outcomes Summit

Say you’re a provider and you REALLY believe in the power of Outcomes Management to drive change for patients, clinicians, practices, and payers. You’re also privy to the shift in the rehab therapy industry and know that soon you’ll be measured on quality, NOT quantity.  

The best industry event around Clinical Outcomes Management is happening this October.  Your rehab therapy peers will get together to discuss how managing outcomes (well) drives deep patient engagement, thoughtful business practices, clinician education, optimize revenue, and more.

The Clinical Outcomes Summit will be hosting its 19th annual Clinical Outcomes Summit at the Knoxville Convention Center, October 23-25, 2019.  This is the perfect opportunity to network with industry peers, keynote speakers, and data scientists—listen to rehab therapy professionals explore and explain their success using risk-adjusted outcomes management programs.

Quick and easy question for you:  Do you like to save a bunch of money? We thought so (we do too!). There’s a deal just for you. 

Register before March 29th to take advantage of the Super Saver Rate of $150 for the two-day Summit pass.

Speaking of outcomes management…

We’re a happy bunch at ReDoc.  One of the big reasons why is due to the seamless integration we provide clients to the FOTO Outcomes Manager. The pairing of these two powerful data capture and documentation solutions drives clinic, clinician, and patient success.

Here are just a few of the benefits our ReDoc clients get from the integration:

  • It’s a time saver that reduces duplicate entries. Patient information is automatically sent over from ReDoc to FOTO.
  • Seamless MIPS reporting! Information flows directly from ReDoc into FOTO’s Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR).
  • Allows easy access to FOTO clinical reports.
  • Highest accuracy of information between Redoc/FOTO—cleanest possible data with one-to-one patient records on each side.

It’s time to get serious about Outcomes Management…you and your team shouldn’t miss out!Don’t just take our word for it. Watch the real thoughts and vibe from last year’s attendees here.

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