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Conditions of Participation: What You Need to Know

The Proposed Rule

The Proposed Rule issued in January 2017 contains changes to CMS’ Conditions of Participation (CoPs) for home health agencies, which are slated to go into effect on July 13, 2017. The goal of these changes is to improve patient safety and ensure quality of care by unifying clinicians, caregivers and patients and mandating patient-driven processes. These processes require clinicians to address the patient as a whole, instead of addressing the patient from a specific discipline, which could remove some of the existing barriers between clinicians and patients, thereby driving positive industry change.

What are the key changes to the CoPs in the Proposed Rule? 

  • Modified standards for 60-day summary to physicians, requiring more frequent communication
  • Expanded patient rights
  • Additional assessment and point-of-care requirements
  • Additional clinical manager designation
  • Revised home health aide training and supervision requirements
  • Additional discharge and transfer summary requirement and time frames
  • Increased administrator and governing body involvement / accountability

How will home health agencies be impacted? 

Though the new home health CoPs could significantly improve outcomes and enhance quality of care, the challenge for home health agencies will be to comply with the requirements while maintaining their productivity standards. Patient-driven workflows require clinicians to complete additional documentation, which could deter from productivity. Don’t panic: this change may initially cause some anxiety, but it will ultimately result in more streamlined care, which means happier clinicians and healthier patients.

What should you expect from your EMR vendor concerning CoPs? 

Download this regulatory brief to learn how the best solutions are addressing key changes to the CoPs.

Chat with us about CoPs! 

If you’re going to be at the 2017 Missouri Annual Conference & Home Care Exhibition on April 26-28, stop by booth #34 to chat with us about all things CoPs!

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