February 28, 2019 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Email Newsletters & Patient Retention for PT Clinics

What are the two most important things about running a PT Clinic? First, attracting new patients and secondly, retaining them. Retaining your patients is actually even more important, because it costs less to retain a patient than to find a new one!

What’s more, recent data has revealed that more than 41% of patients skipped medical care in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.1 That’s a lot of lost business!

What Are The Best Ways to Retain Patients?

Providing a positive experience at every visit is essential. Engaging them outside of the office is also effective. And thanks to email newsletters, it’s fairly easy and affordable — if you know how to do it right.

Email newsletters offer great opportunities to engage your current patients, especially if you provide them with compelling content, including:

  • Share news about your practice and the industry in general.
  • Educate your patients about all the services you have to offer. Explain how all of the treatment modalities work and potential outcomes.
  • Provide information and news about new research results, techniques and treatments.
  • Provide incentives to current patients to encourage them to refer a friend. Contests can generate excitement, especially with prizes that are valued. By motivating your current patients to refer friends, you’ll decrease churn rate.
  • If you can inspire your patients to post about their great experience at your clinic, that’s the best free advertising of all!

Feeling Intimidated or Overwhelmed?

Are you ready to start writing your monthly newsletter? Do you have a designer to help you put it together and distribute it? If the mere thought of that is overwhelming, no worries. There are email newsletter experts who understand PT clinics inside and out, like those at Net Health. We build email newsletters specifically for physical therapists. We provide the design to fit your brand, personalized content and no-hassle delivery. You can connect with your current patients in a personal, relevant way every month — without headaches. Contact us to talk to one of our email marketing specialists today.

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Sustain your business by ensuring patients complete their episodes of care.


1 American Medical Association, “Why 41% of Patients Have Skipped Care During COVID-19 Pandemic,” February 15, 2021

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