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EMR: A New Era in Medical Technology – Survey Results

Technology has long been a cornerstone of change throughout our society, and nowhere is that more obvious than within the healthcare industry. Over the past decade, technology has made a lasting impact on the way doctors and hospitals improve their caregiving capacity to better serve patients across the globe.

One of the latest healthcare technologies sweeping across the country is the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs).. In its simplest definition, EMRs are designed to make healthcare better, safer and more efficient across the board for both the patient and the practitioner.

As more healthcare facilities, be it private practice rehab centers or urgent care facilities, move from traditional paper charts to specialized EMR systems, many patients already see the benefits in their quality of care, treatments, and outcomes.

So, just how effective are EMRs actually? Well according to a survey conducted by the Net Health team, a majority of patients prefer working with healthcare organizations that have implemented EMR systems.

Specialized EMR Survey Results

Inside the Numbers

Out of over 700 responses gathered by the Net Health team, nearly 62 percent of those surveyed admitted that they prefer to work with healthcare facilities that use electronic medical records.

The positive results are consistent across the board as well. Regardless of a patient’s age or gender, the majority of respondents always voted in favor of medical organizations and facilities that used an EMR solution.

Specialized EMR Survey Results
Specialized EMR Survey Results

Despite these numbers, a number of practitioners and caregivers remain hesitant to embracing the power of EMRs in their facility’s workflows and operations. One of the primary complaints is that doctors and patients become frustrated with a lack of patient-doctor interactions. However, when you find the right fit for your EMR, you may find that EMR technology is what your facility was missing all along.

A Big Boost to Patient Care & Convenience

One of the biggest benefits to EMR implementation is the boost in patient care. When health care providers and facilities have access to complete and accurate medical records at the push of a button, it’s no surprise that better care is often the result.

With an EMR on your side, your team can quickly access the information they need, whenever they need it. The result is quicker, more effective decision making about the type of care delivered thanks to the improved analysis of a patient’s medical history and open communication among practitioners and clinicians. When you have the bigger picture of a patient’s medical history in your hands, you’ll be able to better diagnose and treat your patients while delivering better outcomes.

Eliminating Errors

Even with safety being a top concern for healthcare providers across the country, hundreds of mistakes are made each day in the world of medicine.

EMR implementation helps eliminate the your practice’s risk of mistakes by streamlining communication and improved patient tracking. Gone are the days of mismarked and misplaced patient files. A certified electronic medical record keeps your patient data safe and secure, telling an accurate tale of a patient’s full medical history rather than a quick snapshot view from the information gathered on their current visit.

Additionally, information entered into an EMR is not just stored for safe keeping. Instead, your EMR system computes the information you enter to expose potential safety problems before they occur. It can automatically detect for complications that may occur due to a patient’s current prescriptions. It can help practitioners identify correct procedures and best practice techniques. It can alert your team members whenever a new medication conflicts with allergies. Together these clinical alerts and reminders make it easier to consider all aspects of the patient’s condition for safer point-of-care decisions.

Improved Patient and Provider Interactions

We mentioned early on that one of the primary complaints about EMR implementation is the lack of patient-provider interaction it leaves in its wake. This claim, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

EMRs actually create an avenue of communication for practitioners and their patients, helping to foster patient participation throughout every step of the care process. EMR systems provide both the patient and physician with full access to their medical history, enabling both parties to easily view past test results, review diagnoses, send e-prescriptions and schedule future appointments at the click of a button.

Hospitals, clinics and all types of medical facilities are entering a new era in technology thanks to the implementation of electronic medical records. Don’t keep your team wasting time filling out paper forms and expedite your patient care for better diagnoses, outcomes and satisfaction with help from Net Health. Our specialized outpatient EMR systems are perfectly fitted for your specialized outpatient care facility, seamlessly working alongside and integrating with your existing EMR for improved quality of care and patient outcomes. Discover how finding the right fit for your facility can make all the difference and contact Net Health today to learn more about our EMR solutions.

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