September 20, 2021 | Patrick Colletti

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Founder of Net Health Highlighted in Pittsburgh Business Times’ “Personalities of Pittsburgh”

Patrick Colletti shares his story of running a business and offers advice  on building something that lasts 

When it comes to constructing a business from the ground up, Patrick Colletti, a founder and former president of Net Health, has tremendous experience to share. After 21 years, he stepped down in January of 2021 to publish his first book, Refounder: How transformational leaders take what’s broken and make it better.  

Let’s Just Make It Work

Starting out over 20 years ago, Colletti was one of two Net Health employees and concerned with just keeping the company afloat. Despite the challenges, his mentality of doing whatever was necessary to make things work persevered. Through smart business moves – something he refers to as “small bets,” teaming up with investors, and confidence in themselves, Net Health flourished to become one of the country’s fastest-growing analytics and cloud-based software companies for specialty medical providers.

Everyone Is Made to Be a Refounder

One of the major keys for Colletti’s and Net Health’s success is also the topic of his new book, Refounder. In it, he shares what he’s learned and the advice he frequently discusses with entrepreneurs about fast growth, culture and purpose. “Building a purpose-driven organization includes embedding the long-term into its DNA,” he says. To achieve that, an organization will go through several Refounder movements, which are catalyzing periods of mission clarity and growth.

For inspiration and advice on how to make productive shifts in your business, read Patrick Colletti’s new book, Refounder: How Transformational Leaders Take What’s Broken and Make it Better. To read the entire interview from the Pittsburgh Business Times, click here

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