July 7, 2022 | Net Health

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Want to Get More from Your Wound Care Data? Check Out Our Latest Ebook for Insights

Finding the best ways to access, use and analyze wound care data is challenging. There’s just so much of it; so many sources; so much else to do.

But data is essential. It can help us improve outcomes, performance, patient satisfaction, meet reporting requirements, and so much more.

Our latest ebook takes a deeper dive into this topic to provide insights from our data experts not only on the questions to ask but also the action steps to take. It starts with asking the right questions, like …

  • What kind of wounds do you and your team see the most often?
  • What procedures cost and provide the most revenue?
  • Where can you improve performance?
  • What do you do really well?

Action Steps

We also highlight what to do after you’ve asked the right questions. We’re big believers in educating your wound care team on how to better use and access data; analyzing how you compare to peers and industry benchmarks; and really touting your success rate. If you’ve created a great program for preventing diabetic foot amputations, your community, peers and other providers need to know about it.

Pay special attention to what data can tell you about workflow and operational issues. For example, if you spend more time in front of your laptop than with patients, use data to pinpoint ways to streamline the process. In terms of practice operations, one of the more important insights data can provide is which patients don’t make it to appointments so you can reach out quickly and reschedule. Rescheduling is important for many reasons, including practice profitability and efficiency, but most importantly, patients that make it to appointments are likely to get better, faster.

Think of All the Ways Data Insights Can Help

There’s much more in the ebook, from managing risk to how data can help with reporting. More than 70 reports are available in Net Health® Wound Care, covering clinical, regulatory and operational data. These reports can be tailored to your organization’s metrics and goals. 

Get More from Wound Care Data

With one of the world’s largest sources of wound care data, Net Health offers a number of services to help you get more information and insights from data. We invite you to peruse our new ebook:

Download the ebook: Want to Get More from Your Wound Care Data? Ask the Right Questions

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