March 12, 2015 | Net Health

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How does Agility make your life easier?

The monitoring and maintenance of reporting requirements can be very cumbersome without an electronic application. There are numerous options within Agility to monitor surveillance activities and to support OSHA and state-specific reporting requirements. Here’s a few that you may or may not be familiar with:

  • Federal or State-mandated forms are built into Agility:
    – OSHA 300 log 301 and 301A
    – State-specific First Report of Injury forms
    – OSHA-mandated Sharps Injury Log
  • Incident-related content entered into Agility populates and completes the OSHA forms, including lost and restricted time.
  • Incident-specific data entered into Agility can be used to create many other system reports
  • Incident records created within the application store discrete and reportable details of specific injury, illness, or exposure within one location.
  • Trends can be identified in specific work areas to aid in effective design of safety education programs
  • Custom protocols for exposures and post exposure follow up facilitate automated employee scheduling, including appointment reminders
  • Surveillance and Compliance reports facilitate complete oversight of employee vaccination management from proper dosage, testing and dosage timelines, to refusals.

How Can You Learn More?

There’s always an opportunity to learn more! Questions related to functionality, recent updates, or scheduling an upgrade can be sent to our Client Services team by using the feedback button within Agility or to

We have just implemented our Net Health Learning Management System or LMS.

Beginning with our next release, an email will be sent to the clinic contact on file alerting them to its availability. Follow the provided link to access release notes and educational materials relevant to that release within LMS. We encourage you to share these notifications with your Agility users so that others are aware and can access the information. NOTE: LMS access is limited to existing, authorized users of Agility. If you need to change the current contact information for your clinic or if you want to add someone to the mailing list please contact Client Services.

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