May 31, 2022 | Maria Arellano, MS, RN, RAC-CT

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How Post-Acute Analytics Synergizes SNF and Contract Rehab Therapy Providers

In today’s market, successful physical, occupational and speech therapy providers seek ways to strengthen their position by adding value to clients. At the same time, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are adapting to a value-based care world.

Pressure on Therapy Leaders

Therapy delivery no longer drives reimbursement in a PDPM world; expected parity adjustments by CMS will further pressure rates. Therapy delivery also faces the same staffing challenges as the rest of the SNF.

Finding sustainable cost-cutting measures is tough, and contract therapy providers live with the risk of being swapped out for a competitor.

How can you align your goals as a therapy provider with the goals of the SNF?

Using post-acute analytics, you can strengthen the value you deliver and the ROI you generate with your SNF stakeholders by synergizing your therapy and SNF ROI strategy. You can leverage post-acute analytics to:

  • Differentiate yourself as a therapy provider and the SNF within its competitive market.
  • Strengthen referral partnerships by helping SNFs improve key outcomes.
  • Increase the accuracy of MDS coding for maximum reimbursement.

Check out this case study featuring New York health system ArchCare for several examples of quantifiable ROI from post-acute analytics.

More Benefits of Adopting Post-Acute Analytics

There are many benefits to incorporating post-acute analytics into your therapy and SNF ROI strategy. Post-acute analytics can help rehab therapy to add value within a SNF by:

  • Establishing therapy as a key interdisciplinary team member.
  • Driving increased average PDPM per diem.
  • Attracting more patients through Five-Star Ratings.
  • Managing high-risk patients successfully.
  • Achieving successful discharges.
  • Increasing referrals by becoming a preferred provider.
  • Identifying clinical opportunities for Part B services.

Meet Your Therapy and SNF Goals with Post-Acute Analytics

Let us show you how our post-acute analytics can unite your therapy and SNF strategies for real results.

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Post-Acute Analytics Case Study

See how New York health system ArchCare drove ROI with PointRight’s post-acute analytics.  Access the case study.

Improving Health Outcomes, Resident Experience and Quality through Data Analytics

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