May 3, 2018 | Net Health

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The Importance of Client Services at Optima

Maintaining happy customers who enjoy the full value of their investment in a company’s products and services should be the priority for every software company. It would seem intuitive, but not all companies have such a customer-focused mindset.

Read what Optima’s EVP of client services, Christine Jones, has to say about the importance of client services in her LinkedIn blog post: How to Fuel Your SaaS Business With Client Services. In the post, Christine talks about how the shift toward software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery models is challenging enterprise software companies to rethink how they engage with and support customers.

According to Christine, “Great customer experiences can be powered by any number of creative ideas—and we should strive for them. But, in practice, I’ve found the foundation for customer success starts with three simple strategies.”

Christine goes on to describe three strategies she’s implemented at Optima:

  • Ensuring a proper hand-off from sales to implementation to customer success
  • Empowering client service teams to be proactive about adding value and enhancing customer relationships
  • Celebrating and recognizing the important milestones

Put simply, it’s about prioritizing and reinforcing the customer experience throughout every aspect of their journey.

“A customer who feels the love from your company will turn into a long-term partner and champion for your business,” Christine writes. “At Optima, these customers become PINK partners, and work closely with us to make our products even stronger. This requires extra time and effort on their part, but they’re happy to do it because they know we’re invested in their success.”

Read the full post on LinkedIn here: How to Fuel Your SaaS Business With Client Services.

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