November 13, 2020 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Introducing New Blog Series: Personal Reflections for PTs

I’ve been doing quite a bit of self-reflection and pondering of my own lately. During all my years as a physical therapist, I’ve looked at the hard work it takes to become successful in this field, what it requires on my part to build genuine connections with my patients, how I can make use of my creativity, what I can learn from the business, and what it means to effectively get things done. With that, I’ve decided to compile my thoughts into a reflection series that may provide insight for other physical therapists who also want to grow and expand their horizons.

This post introduces a 4-day blog series that takes an in-depth look at my own reflections to help you pave the way to your success and go deeper with your own personal observations.  

In the coming weeks, we will look at the following reflections:

Reflections for PTs #1 – Hammering Through That Hill

There is a man that has greatly inspired the way I face work challenges and obstacles in my line of work: his name is Dashrath Manjhi. It is through his success story about cutting through a 300-foot-high mountain of rock – literally – in order to reach a personal goal that I have come to realize that we decide what we choose to let stand in our way. Or rather, what we don’t let stand in our way. They say hard work always pays off, and Dashrath’s story is one that proves this to be true in every way.

Reflections for PTs #2 – Be a Storyteller

If you know anything about storytelling, then you know that it’s important to “show, not tell.” I’ve found this to also be the case in physical therapy. Whether you’re trying to communicate with your audience or even your own team members, it’s important to really show up as your authentic self. When you connect with others through your stories and speak of your professional values, your patients will naturally just gravitate toward you.

Reflections for PTs #3 – Lessons from a Simple Diet

I know, it may sound a little far-fetched, but when I decided to take on the Whole 30 diet a few months ago, I realized that what I gained were not just limited to physical results. My commitment to this diet for 30 days also opened my eyes to some key lessons: the power of ambition, accountability to others, and how creativity can lead to great things. Today, I’ve started to implement these valuable takeaways in my own line of practice – and it all started by looking at what I ate and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Reflections for PTs #4: Why Perfect is the Enemy of Success

There is something to be said about the gift of constraints as it can allow an individual to focus on execution, not perfection. Taking on this powerful mindset is what may help you become better, faster, and more results driven. Perfection is not the end-goal, instead it’s about making the best of what you are given, in the timespan that you have, and the resources at your disposal. This is how you achieve your goals and maximize the gift of constraints.

While my reflections are my own, I hope they can inspire you to go inward and expand your horizons as best you see fit. Stay tuned these next few days as we continue to explore these reflections that may help you look at physical therapy in a new, enlightening way.

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