January 31, 2022 | Net Health

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Kevin Keenahan Featured in Digital Executive Podcast – Net Health

Tissue Analytics's co-founder, Kevin Keenahan
Kevin Keenahan

“Exciting” and “inspiring” are two of the words podcast host Brian Thomas used to describe his interview with Kevin Keenahan, founder and CEO of Tissue Analytics, a Net Health company. We couldn’t agree more.

Brian is the creator of the popular Digital Executive podcast, which is the largest crowdsourced global digital platform. He recently sat down with Kevin, where they discussed a wide range of issues, from the impact of COVID on wound care to his advice for entrepreneurs.

The interview included a brief history of Tissue Analytics, covering how the company was founded by Kevin and Josh Budman, now VP of Analytics for Net Health. Josh and Kevin started the company right after grad school at the renowned Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design. As part of an assignment, they were tasked with finding a solution to a difficult healthcare problem. They saw a real need for technology that would help patients and providers in the field of wound care. The assignment became the genesis for Tissue Analytics.

“We saw a problem . . .and like young engineers, we wanted to solve it,” said Kevin. Kevin and Josh’s solution is a computer vision product that allows clinicians to take photos and automatically obtain deep boundary measures for wounds. “The way we do that is through deep neural nets,” said Kevin. We were one of the first to apply AI and to do computer vision tasks in healthcare.”

While groundbreaking technology, Kevin notes that what really helped the company grow was its commitment to providing an automated tool that seamlessly integrates with the nation’s largest electronic medical record systems. “With Tissue Analytics, there’s a single sign-in that helps to reduce clinician documentation,” says Kevin. He also notes that as providers today are often over-burdened, and under a lot of stress, Tissue Analytics workflow efficiencies can help to reduce burnout.

Tune into The Digital Executive podcast here to learn more about the role Tissue Analytics has played in leading the evolution of wound care technology.

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