October 13, 2021 | Net Health

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Net Health Agreement with MIMEDX Streamlines Complex Insurance Benefits Verifications

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Connections Platform provides more efficient process through the electronic submission of insurance benefits verification forms

Pittsburgh, PA — Oct. 13, 2021 — Net Health, a leading provider of analytics and cloud-based software for specialty medical providers, announced today that it has added MiMedx Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: MDXG) (“MIMEDX”) to the list of leading wound care providers that rely on Net Health® Wound Care’s in-chart ordering platform, CTP Connections. Through the agreement, hospital and outpatient wound care providers can quickly and efficiently submit electronic insurance verification forms and secure approvals for MIMEDX tissue-based products.

MIMEDX is an industry leader in utilizing amniotic tissue as a platform for regenerative medicine, developing and distributing placental tissue allografts with patent-protected, proprietary processes for multiple sectors of healthcare. MIMEDX’s flagship Advanced Wound Care product, EPIFIX®, is covered by 100% of national commercial payors for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

Net Health Wound Care, formerly WoundExpert®, is the company’s proprietary web-based electronic health record (EHR) platform for wound care management. It is the most widely deployed wound care EHR in the country, used by more than 20,000 clinicians at hospitals and outpatient wound clinics.

Utilizing the Connections Module to submit insurance verification forms for MIMEDX products brings important benefits and value to both companies’ customers. Busy clinicians can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient care. Plus, insurance approval time can be reduced significantly.

“The insurance verification process can be tedious, time consuming and prone to errors,” said Jessica Duryea, Director of National Connections & Data at Net Health. “Through the use of the Connections Module, Net Health Wound Care users can submit patient information electronically, which minimizes time spent and errors, and ensures a faster turnaround from insurance companies.”

Electronically submitting insurance verification forms for MIMEDX products is included for Net Health Wound Care customers at no cost and will be available nationally starting in October. By using the Connections Module, clinicians will be able to:

  • Submit Insurance Verification Requests for MIMEDX products
  • Efficiently provide required supporting documentation materials
  • Avoid paper forms and manual data entry, which means less room for errors
  • Maintain history and submit verification requests from within patient records

“Through this partnership with Net Health, we can further streamline the access patients have to our EPIFIX® and EPICORD® portfolio for their chronic wounds and enable clinicians to devote more time to patient care,” said Rohit Kashyap, Ph.D., MIMEDX Chief Commercial Officer. “We are committed to increasing the access patients have to our proprietary PURION® processed tissue technologies, and continue to strengthen our market-leading services in reimbursement and insurance verification to provide options that help address the needs of our customers.”

For more information on Net Health Wound Care and the Connections module visit https://www.nethealth.com/contact/.

About Net Health 

Net Health’s mission is to harness data for human health. Net Health solutions are trusted in over 24,000 facilities across the continuum of care. Our EHR software enables caregivers and their organizations to engage effectively with patients, streamline documentation, staff efficiently, secure maximum appropriate reimbursement and maintain regulatory compliance. Our unique approach to analytics seamlessly presents insights in clinical and operational workflows to improve care and business performance.  Net Health is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, Level Equity, and Silversmith Capital Partners. www.nethealth.com.


MIMEDX is an industry leader in utilizing amniotic tissue as a platform for regenerative medicine, developing and distributing placental tissue allografts with patent-protected, proprietary processes for multiple sectors of healthcare. As a pioneer in placental biologics, we have both a base business, focused on addressing the needs of patients with acute and chronic non-healing wounds, and a promising late-stage pipeline targeted at decreasing pain and improving function for patients with degenerative musculoskeletal conditions. We derive our products from human placental tissues and process these tissues using our proprietary methods, including the PURION® process. We employ Current Good Tissue Practices, Current Good Manufacturing Practices, and terminal sterilization to produce our allografts. MIMEDX has supplied over two million allografts, through both direct and consignment shipments. For additional information, please visit www.mimedx.com.

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