July 14, 2021 | Net Health

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Net Health Founder Patrick Colletti Spotlighted in Medium

Answers the question, “what does it take to shake-up your industry?”

What does it take to “shake-up” an established industry or organization? With all the macroeconomic and societal change happening today, is it still possible to disrupt…to take actions that build a business and shape an industry?

In a recent interview with the popular online magazine Medium, which has more than 170 million readers worldwide, Patrick Colletti, Founder of Net Health, and President for two decades, shares his thoughts, insights and experiences of being an industry disruptor. The article, Meet the Disruptors: Patrick Colletti on the Three Things You Need to Shake Up Your Industry, covers a lot of ground, providing a fascinating backdrop on the history of the company and why quitting was not an option for Patrick.

While one of the most successful businesses in the healthcare marketplace today, Net Health’s early days were challenging. Many would have walked away. Not Patrick or Christopher Hayes, who has also been with the company since its “refounding” and is now the Chief Technology Officer and a co-Founder. They knew the industry needed a company like Net Health. They didn’t want to quit. They knew they could make it work. And they did.

Patrick talks about the challenges faced, shares some amusing stories about his early days – when he was newly married and fresh out of college – and stresses the importance of strong mentors. Patrick also shares some of the potential downfalls of disruptive actions in business. 

As an example, he points to the massive shift in the traditional workplace brought on by the pandemic. Yes, it was a huge shift to a virtual workplace – it did disrupt – but it also led to burnout and stress for millions of Americans trying to juggle home and family life. In the interview, Patrick noted, “while disrupting the traditional 9-to-5 work from an office might be good, if we don’t find ways to create space between work and home, and practice rest and renewal, work-from-home initiatives will ultimately fail.”

Read more about Patrick and his insights into being a catalyst for change as well as insights into his latest venture, The Dinner Stories, a social experiment which curates a diverse table of people with the goal of creating unique personal connections missing in present society, in the Medium interview today.

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