March 1, 2022 | Net Health

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Net Health Partners with Delta Care Rx to Provide Integrated PBM Services for Hospices

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Net Health’s Optima Hospice will help ensure clients can efficiently, safely and economically order, profile and manage needed medications for patients — saving countless clinician hours.


Pittsburgh, PA – March 1, 2022 Net Health today announced that it will offer its hospice clients access to key pharmaceutical care and benefit management (PBM) services through a partnership with industry innovator Delta Care Rx. The Delta Care solution is integrated with Optima Hospice, Net Health’s specialized hospice electronic health record (EHR) system.

 Delta Care, a national provider, will serve as one of the medication management hubs for Optima Hospice clients, providing a single automated system to order medications, transmit medication profiles prepared by Delta Care pharmacists directly to the patient medical record, transmit medication recommendations from Delta Care pharmacists, and manage billing and payments. It affords total reconciliation of patient medication profiles recorded in the patient’s electronic medical record as compared to other pharmacy systems. All of these services allow providers to spend more time with patients and their families, and less time on ordering and managing medications.

 The new service provides significant value to Net Health Optima clients, including helping them save time by avoiding duplicate data entry, reducing errors through automation, and increasing patient safety with a system that ensures more accurate profiling and/or ordering of medications. Delta Care also helps lower pharmacy costs through negotiations with its network of local pharmacies or by use of Delta Care’s in-house Rx mail order service, while offering a quality, patient-focused Preferred Drug List.

 Physicians will also be able to utilize Delta Care’s leading-edge technologies, for example its e-prescribing feature to more quickly and efficiently prescribe controlled and non-controlled medications. In addition, the service will significantly reduce the amount of time nurses spend on documentation and data entry.

 “Hospice providers are among the true heroes of our healthcare system,” said Josh Pickus, CEO of Net Health. “We want to ensure we provide our Optima Hospice clients with the best array of programs and services for the hospice community so that providers can focus on what they do best—providing end-of-life care and support to patients and their families.”

 Optima Hospice provides hospice-specific workflows and intuitive navigation that guide clinicians and staff to provide exceptional patient care. Optima Hospice will automatically send patient, demographic, insurance and pharmacy information to Delta Care, which will then electronically return (in two directional mode) medication orders for auto-profiling in Optima, pharmacist reviews/recommendations to be stored on the patient medical record, and finally close the loop with any paid claims information needing to be reported for regulatory purposes.

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About Net Health
Net Health’s mission is to harness data for human health. Net Health solutions are trusted in over 25,000 facilities across the continuum of care. Our EHR software enables caregivers and their organizations to engage effectively with patients, streamline documentation, staff efficiently, secure maximum appropriate reimbursement and maintain regulatory compliance. Our unique approach to analytics seamlessly presents insights in clinical and operational workflows to improve care and business performance. Net Health is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, Level Equity, and Silversmith Capital Partners.


About Delta Care Rx
Delta Care Rx ( transforms and improves the hospice pharmacy sector through business transparency, innovation, extreme customer service, and the maintenance of vital community-pharmacy relationships. As a pharmacist-owned, privately held provider, Delta Care sets the industry benchmark for pharmacy benefit management, mail order pharmacy options, on-demand pharmacist services, and hospice-tailored electronic prescribing. In addition, Delta Care offers electronic tools, including cutting-edge telehealth technology, to improve the quality of patient care and simplify essential workflow and ordering processes within hospice settings.


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