December 3, 2020 | Net Health

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Net Health’s CIO Talks “Humanization” of IT and Much More in Podcast

Net Health’s CIO, Jason “JJ” James, was recently invited to be a guest on Network Disrupted, a podcast that features “technology leaders making sense of network disruption.” Andrew, the host of Network Disrupted, interviewed JJ about IT’s role in the business spectrum, as well as his views on the importance of being flexible in these unpredictable pandemic times.

In an episode titled “How do I humanize IT?”,  JJ shared his thoughts on what he refers to as the “humanization” of IT, and what decisions were made to enable Net Health to smoothly transition to a Work From Home environment these past few months.

“The pandemic required that we not only have technology ready, but we also realized what was on the other end of that technology, and that was humans,” said JJ. “For me, I worked with teams to look at current tools we have, and we said, technology is our common denominator. From there, we then asked, how do we allow people to connect when they can’t connect? When four walls don’t matter anymore, how do we enable them to come together in a way that’s meaningful?”

As we look at ever-developing changes in the business world, JJ also reflected on key questions such as:

  • How do you drive change throughout an organization?
  • How do you find people that are successful even outside the industry?
  • How do you find those that have a mindset to evolve a role?
  • How do we look at tools that enable our clients?

Tune in to this Network Disrupted episode to learn more. Hear JJ’s thoughts about how human connection, along with one’s willingness to evolve with the times, can drive IT industries and businesses to succeed.

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