November 3, 2021 | Net Health

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Net Health’s David Owen Outlines Tips to Help Employers Meet Immunization Goals

Insights and guidance to efficiently manage the process featured in an article in HIT Consultant 

Managing the immunization process for employees has become contentious and complex over the past 18 months.  Net Health’s Chief Product Officer, David Owen outlines the how, why, and solutions for this new reality for hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare organizations in a recent issue of HIT Consultant.

David notes it’s not just COVID-19 immunizations that healthcare providers need to tackle these days, there’s also the upcoming flu season and a long list of immunizations that have long been required for healthcare workers such as Hepatitis B and MMR. He notes that’s a “tall order” for healthcare employers due to the historic influx of new hires needed to compensate for workers who have left due to vaccine policies, burnout, and those needed to handle heavy patient loads.

The challenge for hospitals is how to efficiently track, manage and report on the process while ensuring that daily workflow is not interrupted and that no undue burden is placed on already over-worked employees.

New technologies, including platforms integrated into electronic health record (EHR) systems and mobile apps, are stepping up to make the process more efficient and manageable for thousands of hospitals, clinics, and other providers groups nationally. 

Some tips for improving employee immunizations outlined in David’s article include:

  • Develop a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated employee health program to ensure the wellness and safety of employees and maintain productivity. 
  • Embrace technology to make immunization management, tracking and reporting of employee health more efficient. 
  • Make the process for flu, COVID and other vaccinations easy and convenient for staff.  Have multiple locations and times (made possible through mobile technologies) for immunizations and consider the impact on their schedules and your staffing needs.
  • Look for platforms that offer easy-to-use on-demand web portals so employees can request appointments, complete and submit paperwork and get answers to other questions about the organization’s health programs and requirements. 
  • Look specifically for platforms that offer a business intelligence dashboard so that managers and leadership can quickly access employee health status and relevant reports and identify areas of need.

Need to find out more about managing employee immunizations? 

 Check out David’s article in HIT Consultant.  To find out more about Net Health’s automated employee immunization solution, visit our web page.  

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