January 21, 2021 | Net Health

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Net Health’s Founder Discusses Culture as a Strategy and the Journey as a “Refounder”

With Insights on How Leaders Can Cultivate Change

Two decades ago, medical records were kept on ordinary paper and in manual recording systems. Not only was this method time consuming, but the data collected was nearly valueless because there was no way to track, report, or draw meaningful insights.

Net Health’s Founder, Patrick Colletti and his partner Christopher Hayes, saw an opportunity to provide a specialized solution with the help of technology to deliver end-to-end solutions that improve outcomes, empower providers and inspire care in the healthcare industry. “We were very intentional about finding these underserved markets with complex care, that with the application of user-friendly technology could be improved,” Patrick shares on the Podcast  “Going Deep”.

In the Interview, Patrick describes his journey from the time the company was experiencing financial struggles and down to two people and the steps taken to spur rapid growth and promote a thriving corporate culture. All this is engraved in the upcoming book “Refounder,” in which he explores the Refounder mindset as a framework for how transformational leaders take what’s broken and make it better.

Here are just a few steps Patrick and his partner implemented:

  • Cultivated a thriving culture: The right culture can serve as the glue that brings together unique and very different members within the organization. It helped to strengthen the foundation of Net Health’s business and enhanced the performance and value of the company. Culture is a key indicator when it comes to sustainability and the growth of a business, going hand-in-hand with performance, Patrick believes. He advises companies to find people with a Refounder’s mindset as independent board directors, investors, advisors, and employees.
  • Invested in growth and scaling the business: Does your company have the capability to grow? Do you have the right team in place to steer the growth? Will the business systems in place and the team be able to accommodate the growth? “For us, it took an initial change or die moment,” Patrick shares. “And ultimately the Refounder mindset helped us figure out how to consistently promote change and spur on growth as part of our foundational DNA.  

Listen to this Podcast for more insights and check out https://refounder.com/ to hear Patrick’s views on the benefits of company culture and how equipping Refounders to reimagine, reinvent, and renew the place they live, work, and play can help us take what’s broken and make it better.

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