April 22, 2021 | Patrick Colletti

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Net Health’s Founder Discusses the Refounder’s DNA and Connecting Vision to Tactics

With Insights on How Leaders Can Start Early

Very few of us started the business where we work at each day, but each of us has the ability to improve it. Regardless of your organization and how long it’s been established, the constant force of entropy is at play. Products obsolesce, passion fades, and tastes change.

To proactively combat these laws of nature, companies and organizations must pursue the change that’s needed – starting with mindset and establishing a direct connection to a culture of growth.

“Founders start with a raw idea and the willpower to see it to life, creating something from nothing,” said Patrick Colletti during a recent interview on The Modern Leadership podcast.

“Refounders are visionaries that take a different approach, with the same DNA expressed in different ways. Reimagine existing but broken structures and improve them. Like a magician, they use the raw materials of a company, culture or a life, and transform them into something more meaningful. They use their magic to create something better from something broken.”

During his conversation with host Jake Carlson, Patrick described the journey leaders face and the need to celebrate not just those who started it, but those who change it from within.

All of this is outlined in Patrick’s upcoming book, “Refounder: How Transformational Leaders Take What’s broken and Make It Better,” which is slated for release on May 25. Through several, engaging chapters, he explores the Refounder mindset, as well as provides examples of how modern day Refounders are at work in healthcare, education, and the cities where they live.

Here are just a few, important insights Patrick highlights in the book:

  • Celebrate change from within. There is incredible opportunity in things that already exist. Develop a culture of Refounders to sustain momentum and innovation. The best companies are doing this at the ground level – teaching these changes from within principles to all new employees. 
  • Invest in programs, processes, and policies that help people feel seen, challenged and encouraged. Teams are seeking experiences that stretch, engage, and celebrate their efforts. As leaders, you are a steward of their growth.
  • The great Refounder movements are a team event. Don’t go at it alone. Each of the four Refounder steps embody a different set of strengths and skills that must work together in concert. 

Listen to Patrick’s interview on The Modern Leadership podcast for more. Be sure to also check out Patrick’s website to read about his views on the benefits of company culture, and how equipping Refounders to reimagine, reinvent, and renew the place they live, work, and play can help us take what’s broken and make it better.

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