August 17, 2021 | Net Health

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Net Health’s Josh Budman Dives into History of Wound Care on “The Malpractice Podcast”

Net Health’s Josh Budman recently had the opportunity to share about new technologies impacting wound care and how data is transforming wound care delivery during an interview for The Malpractice Podcast.

Budman, Vice President of Analytics, is co-founder of Tissue Analytics, a digital imaging company acquired by Net Health in 2020. During the podcast, he also explored the rich history of wound care, beginning with the earliest known practices in ancient Greece. He discusses how people have taken care of wounds throughout the centuries, and how some of those ancient practices have shaped and continue to impact the industry today.

The Malpractice Podcast is about the history of healthcare and advancements in science – all with a dose of humor.

Check out the podcast.

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