August 2, 2021 | Net Health

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Net Health’s Josh Budman Shares About Being an Innovator on “Making Healthcare” Podcast

Net’s Health’s Josh Budman knows a thing or two about innovation. He and Kevin Keenahan co-founded Tissue Analytics, a digital imaging company purchased by Net Health last year. He was recently interviewed on the Making Health podcast, in which host David Park, CEO of VirtuSense, dives into the lives, visions, and accomplishments of individuals across the industry, from CEOs to CNAs, to explore the healthcare they are “making.”  The podcast captures the lives and stories of innovators and disruptors shaping the future of healthcare today.

In the podcast, Budman, now Vice President of Analytics for Net Health, talks about why he wanted to become a biomedical engineer, his highs and lows of entrepreneurship, working at a large company, what economic forces of change will impact his industry, and his love of oysters.

Check out the podcast.

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