April 27, 2022 | Net Health

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Net Health’s Newly Launched Waystar Integration to Boost Rehab Therapy, Wound Care Reimbursements

To help continually bolster the ease and success of clients’ revenue cycle management (RCM) efforts, Net Health® recently launched an integration between Waystar and Net Health® Therapy and Net Health® Wound Care products.

Thanks to this new integration, Waystar is now available for use by all Net Health® Therapy for Clinics and Net Health® Wound Care clients who use our billing solution and who seek greater automation, insight and performance from their billing clearinghouse technologies.

A similar level of integration is already being used between Waystar and Net Health® Therapy for Clinics.

What is Waystar?

A Net Health® partner, Waystar is a claims management solution that helps healthcare organizations bring in more revenue in less time and at lower costs.

They do this by deploying intelligent scrubbing technologies that lead to reduced rejections and denials, streamlined workflows and appeals processes, reduced accounts receivable days, and maximized reimbursements.

Through these efforts, Waystar clients’ average first-pass clean claims rate is 98.5%, which no doubt helps clients increase their cash flows.

This success comes from Waystar’s ability to quickly identify not just errors on individual claims, but also opportunities for process improvements that can prevent claim denials over the long term.

When claims are denied, however, Waystar helps clients identify the root causes of these denials, then flags denials that can be realistically overturned. Furthermore, the platform helps streamline the appeal process by auto-populating appeal packages with the necessary remit and provider data.

Waystar currently supports more than 500,000 providers, 1,000 health systems and hospitals, 5,000 payers and health plans, and processes claims for around 40% of the U.S. population annually.1

Waystar Benefits Net Health Clients

Beyond the integrations between Waystar and three Net Health® products – Net Health® Therapy for Private Practice, Net Health® Therapy for Clinics and Net Health® Wound Care – a partnership also exists between Waystar and Net Health® Therapy for Skilled Nursing, yet an integration has yet to be developed between the two systems.

To learn more about the partnership between Waystar and Net Health®, as well as how Waystar’s claims management solution can bolster your RCM efforts, contact us today for more information.

1 PR Newswire, “Waystar Ranked #1 Vendor for Revenue Cycle Management Software in Two Key Categories for Large Hospitals, IDNs and Health Systems,” Dec. 21, 2021

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