June 29, 2016 | Net Health

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This is Not Your Mother’s PBJ

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting becomes mandatory on July 1, 2016. Are you ready? 

Our PBJ recipe features a secret combination of accuracy, efficiency and indulgent time savings that will put a compliant spin on a comforting classic. Hurry — it’s expiring on July 1st!

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Download this recipe to learn: 

  • What the Facility ID is, how to get it and how to verify that it’s accurate
  • Why the Employee ID must be a unique identifier, and what it should and shouldn’t include
  • Who is responsible for submission
  • When PBJ must be submitted
  • When care hours are applicable, and when they’re not
  • How Optima can help simply your reporting process


For more information on enhancements we’ve made to address the latest CMS changes, watch our recent webinar. 

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