March 9, 2018 | Net Health

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Patient Safety Awareness Week

It’s important as a healthcare professional to take precautions in order to prevent harm resulting from care. Medical treatments rely on very specific applications to reduce the potential for harm. Though, improper systems can present opportunities for error. A few studies even suggest that medical error may be responsible for as many as 400,000 deaths in the US per year. Steps are being taken at the federal, state, and local levels to prevent health-care-associated infections and medical error.

During the week of March 11-17, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement sponsors “Patient Safety Awareness Week” as part of their initiative “United for Patient Safety”. The week’s purpose is to promote awareness regarding safety for health professionals and the public. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement sets out to engage health care professionals and patients helping to spread the message.

Net Health surveyed customers and identified three key ways that our solutions directly support patient safety.

  1. Guided workflow and built-in tools that keep patient assessments consistently in check, no matter the provider.

  2. The completeness of clinical documentation, viewable patient histories, and the full chart’s availability to all providers

  3. Specific safety-oriented documentation processes like patient ID photos and drug interaction flags

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