April 2, 2014 | Net Health

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Practice Point: Revenue Cycle Management Checklist for Wound Care

In the previous column, Wound Care Documentation, Compliance, and Revenue Checklist, we looked at an updated clinical checklist to assist you with the new payment parameters within the 2014 OPPS Final Rule. This checklist included the following:

  • Work with your coding and billing department to educate your team on the Final Rule and payment changes (Medicare and non-Medicare payers).
  • Review your local coverage determination for updated changes.
  • Update your Charge Description Master to reflect the new code changes.
  • Review and update your Policies and Procedures to reflect stated changes.
  • Develop a Transition Memorandum to denote the change in coding and billing practices as of January 1, 2014.

To achieve accurate documentation and payment for wound care, you must invest time to create best practices for your processes and workflows. Remember, the goal for your department is to be fiscally responsible and to maintain a viable business. This starts with effective and efficient revenue cycle management practice and policies.

Revenue cycle processes include patient registration, compliant billing, query management, and denial management for a fiscally successful department.

Read the rest of the article at Advances in Skin & Wound Care.

An excerpt from an article originally published in Advances in Skin & Wound Care, written by Cathy Thomas Hess, BSN, RN, CWOCN, VP and Chief Clinical Officer at Net Health.

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