August 19, 2019 | Net Health

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Three “can’t miss” Sessions @ the Agility Client Summit

If you’ve been following us, there’s a high probability something called the Agility Client Summit has come up on your social media feed or to your inbox. Whether you clicked on them or not, here’s a quick refresher/introduction.

We’re hosting our first Agility Client Summit at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ, on September 15th. Occupational medicine and hospital employee health professionals will gather to exchange best practices, learn fundamental and advanced Agility strategies, and listen to keynote speakers cover various topics (fun fact: THREE speakers are Agility clients!).

But the benefits don’t end there; all of these events will take place at the luxurious Arizona Biltmore. Golf, high-end food, spa services, and more will all be available while you take an evening break from (possible) Agility euphoria.

Summit organizer, Eddie Stahl, Net Health’s Clinical Solutions Consultant for Agility, shares: “Believe me when I tell you my excitement is off the charts. If I had to narrow down the top reason I’m excited for the Agility Client Summit, it would be the fact that it’s our first crack at an intensive event like this for these clients. We’ll take what we learn from this year’s event and make improvements to produce an even more robust gathering next year. We were so privileged, and lucky, to pull together a really good mix of clients that will be sharing their experiences and best practices. True peer learning. Attendees will get to hear from product experts about what we’re doing with Agility, but they’ll also hear from other clients on how they use Agility daily. Overall, this event will give everybody a roundtable view of Agility from both internal and external perspectives.”

The Agility Client Summit is only one day, but the agenda is bursting at the seams with industry-relevant and engaging content. There truly will be something for everyone. While every session should be attended, we’ve listed a few sessions that absolutely cannot be missed.

1:15 – 3:45PM


Workflows, Issue Resolution, and Compliance

Eddie Stahl, Agility Clinical Solutions Consultant, Net Health

Eddie will be talking workflows, issue resolutions, and compliance. There are some things coming down the pike for Occupational Medicine that will affect how things are going to be billed out that must be discussed. From a compliance standpoint, that’s going to speak volumes to many, whether it applies to specifically to their organization or not, there will be great takeaways nonetheless.

8:30 – 9:10 AM


How to Run a Successful Business: Agility Testimonial

Gene W. Howell, CEO, Reliant Urgent Care

Gene is an Agility client and he’ll be talking about how to run a successful business.  For those that have an occupational medicine practice, hearing how Gene turned his small organization to a large, successful organization will be beneficial and important.

NOON – 1:00 PM


Featuring Educational Tips & Best Practices

from Karen Hawkes, Northern Light and Troy Overholt, OSF

During lunch, Karen Hawkes and Troy Overholt will share tidbits of Agility best practices and tips they use in their business. Clients often ask, “how do others do x-y-z”, so here’s a perfect opportunity to hear from two people clients that are happy with the software and have a successful business. In addition, there will be peer-to-peer discussions at the tables. When speakers aren’t speaking, we’ll have a chance to talk and build relationships and contacts with others.

Eddie makes one more point, “When clients have Agility training and implementation at their place of work, they don’t get advice and direction from other clients; we’re closing that gao with the speakers and program at the Summit. The Agility Client Summit will allow them to connect with others in their field that do the same thing they do, every day. For any question you may have about Agility, you’ll get it answered here. No matter where you are in your training process, whether you’ve been on the software for one year or ten years, there will be something for everyone.”

Salivating over all the Agility goodness we have in store?  Follow the link to register and see what else we have in store on September 15th.

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