November 1, 2018 | Cathy Thomas Hess, BSN, RN, CWCN

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Recommended Sessions with Cathy Hess: SAWC Fall 2018

This year’s SAWC fall meeting is November 2-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Caesar’s Palace, and I’m excited about this year’s speakers and their presentations. While having the opportunity to learn during sessions, remember, learning continues in the Exhibit Hall and during the Poster Presentations. Explore the skin and wound care products in the Exhibit Hall and visit our booth to integrate documentation practices within your WoundExpert workflows.

Workflow design is a key step in your department’s clinical and operational efficiencies, and in order to efficiently manage workflows, you need to remain current with the evidence-based guidelines and have a keen understanding of what influences the wound outcome.

Here are some of the sessions that support workflow design and I recommend attending.

Session 7: To Tell the Truth: Evidence-Based Adjunctive Therapy for Venous Ulcers 

Friday, November 2 – 1:20 PM – 2:20 PM – Location: Milano I-III

Staying abreast of the evidence-based therapies are key to maintaining proper documentation and workflows.  Let’s remember the goals when using a specialty EMR are to drive accountability of care to leverage clinical tasks from the provider to the clinician; improve care coordination through smart, efficient workflows and compliant documentation; impart care coordination through evidence-based care models, and maximize reports to drive compliance.  I am always ready to listen and learn more to perfect my workflows through evidence.

Session 25: Coding, Compliance and Documentation for Ulcer Debridement: No More Guessing!

Saturday, November 3 – 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Location: Forum 11

This session has caught my attention with the title of “no more guessing”.  I am always striving to help our clients to perfect workflows through the processes governing their departments. Interested to hear more about coding, compliance, and documentation for a common wound type and procedure.

Session 26: Bacteria and Wounds: The Role of the Microbiome

Saturday, November 3 – 4:10 PM – 5:10 PM – Location: Forum 11

One thing we know is that wounds contain a variety of organisms and a stalled wound requires us to carefully think through the next steps in our workflows.  The notion of bacterial balance stresses the need for us to recognize when the bacterial load has increased through a change in granulation tissue appearance and exudate amount. This session appears to provide us with some new understandings into a far too common problem that may help us perfect our workflows if faced with a stalled wound.

Session 41: What’s New in Wound Care Technology

Sunday, November 4 – 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Location: Forum 11

Compounding the shifts to process and efficiency change is the adaptation to regulations and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, as well as the introduction of improved devices/technology. This session has my attention as I am always moving the needle to perfect workflows with the use of new technology.

The full SAWC schedule can be viewed here.

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