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Reducing Patient No-Shows with ReDoc

In today’s busy healthcare industry, hospitals and other various clinical practices have been experiencing a constant, steady flow of patients that need to be seen for many different reasons. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, more and more people have been able to gain access to cost efficient insurance plans, which covers them for a modestly reasonable portion of their medical expenses and co-pay fees. With that, comes a growing number of patients requiring medical care, which is climbing considerably in our country. It can prove to be a challenge for many practices to keep up with the ever-growing, contact pace of the healthcare demand. Making sure that a staff is well trained and capable of delivering  their job description forward in a sufficient manner can prove to be a trying task in of itself, let alone making sure that any patients requiring medical care are able to make their scheduled appointments on time, or even at all, for that matter. That is why the Net Health’s Appointment Reminder Solution system can be a useful tool in helping a practice to operate more efficiently.

Missed Therapy Appointments

On average, 12-15% of patients in rehab facility practices are missing their previously scheduled appointments for one reason or another, causing a decline in revenue and performance outcomes for a practice. Making sure that a patient attends their previously scheduled appointment can prove to be a particularly daunting task, as time is money, and an extremely valuable commodity at that. Perhaps the reasoning for a patient to miss their scheduled appointment is very legit, as sometimes emergencies do tend to happen. However, it may also be for the simple fact that they just forgot to write it down, or record it somewhere in their calendar, or maybe they just misplaced their appointment reminder card. Whatever the reason may be, it can be very frustrating to keep a hard working staff idle in instances like this. The efficiency of a physical therapy documentation software program can prove to be of value in vase like this, as it can help to bring the percentage of missed appointments down.

Current Stats - Rehab Therapy Missed Appointments - Net Health

Utilizing an Appointment Reminder Solution Software

Appointment reminder solutions are simple, and easy to understand. The automated messaging and appointment remind system allows a practice to be more likely to connect with their patients, in a world where people are constantly on their smartphones and internet devices. The system also eliminates wasted time for your clinical staff, as they will not be resorted to sitting in front of a phone or computer for several hours at a time making repetitive appointment reminder phone calls.

The physical therapy documentation software provided by Net Health is completely secure, and compliant. And regardless of the size of a rehab facility, the software is able to tackle all necessary tasks for practices of any size, ranging from small to large. They are also practical for multi-location facilities, as well.

The Key Benefits to You and Your Staff

No matter how organized you and your team are, your patients don’t necessarily follow suit. An appointment reminder system offers several benefits that help drive your facility forward.

  • Text-to-speech voice recording for more personable messaging
  • Customizable message options to tailor a more specific audience
  • Track of unanswered phone calls and try them back later
  • Report back to staff members and personnel automatically via email
  • Easily transport data directly from a ReDoc scheduler
  • Intelligent Call Detection differentiates between human contact and voicemail connection
  • Can be used with an Analog or VoIP phone line

A Proven Solution

A recent case study at a facility located in the Southwest region integrated and used the Net Health system for a trial period duration of 6 months. Their regular services include PT, OT and SLP. With 3 therapists actively practicing within the facility, they were averaging about 525 patient visits per month. 14% of their patients were consecutively pulling either a no-shows, or a cancellation, and they were losing an average of $80k annually. After applying the Appointment Reminder Solution software for 6 months, they found that their no-shows and appointment cancellations had decreased by 4%. That is an increase of 21 visits per month, 252 visits per year, and an annual NET increase of over $21,000 in revenue. They also documented that it had saved them in manual labor of one hour per day, which is roughly about 20 hours per month. These types of savings could be used to invest in newer and more updated equipment, or perhaps offer pay raises for a growing staff.

Results - Rehab Therapy Appointment Reminders - Net Health

Software Overview

So whereas the majority of growing rehab therapy facilities are looking for better solutions to streamline their efficiency and increase proficiency, a patient appointment scheduling software program could be the answer to a more productive practice. Net Health offers state-of-the-art electronic medical recording systems that can make daily practice routines for facilities run more smoothly and efficiently, with a lot less bumps in the road. The healthcare industry is changing in a big way, and practices are seeking out ways, and exploring new solutions on how to become more proficient in operational systems, and a practice as a whole.

Net Health’s Appointment Reminder Solution can help your facility to eliminate wasted time, and stop patient no-shows to improve your facility’s working structure. If you would like more information about our physical therapy EMR software, please contact one of our associates today at: (888) 401-4400, or feel free to forward us an email to: redoc@nethealth.com. We look forward to assisting you with your practices goals and needs.

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