May 5, 2020 | Net Health

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Rehab Therapists: Increase Your Digital Marketing Efforts During a Dark Time

Learn what marketing activities to keep, cut, and grow during a crisis

Even though we are all isolated right now, it’s not the time to sit on our hands. Rehab therapy private practices need to be proactive and look for ways to keep their business growing and relevant during the pandemic. It’s important for business owners to stay calm, be strategic and decisive, and to have a plan on how to engage patients during these trying times.

Marketing experts Tannus Quatre, Net Health’s VP of Sales for Private Practice, and Jesse MacFarland MBA, Net Health’s Director of Digital Marketing Solutions, hosted a recent webinar on how rehab therapists can market during COVID-19 using digital marketing solutions.

Seeing the Bright Side

While there’s nothing positive about death and financial ruin caused by COVID-19, Tannus urged webinar attendees to look forward to the bright side of the crisis – especially in the rehab therapy field.

“One example is the emergence of new care models, like telehealth, E-visits, and Part-B in-home care and from that, increased accessibility to rehab therapists,” he said. “These models are great ways for rehab therapists to stay connected with their patients during this pandemic. However, once the country opens back up and patients can comfortably go back to their doctors and rehab therapists, the demand for regular visits and elective surgeries will be stronger than ever!”

Make a Digital Marketing Checklist

In the webinar, they offer advice for rehab therapists on how to re-prioritize their marketing activities during the pandemic, including what to keep, cut and grow. Here a just a few of their suggestions:

  • What should stay – Do an audit of your digital marketing essentials. For example, look at your website for a possible revamp of layout or make sure all areas are up to date. Review your directory listings with sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp to make sure your hours and services are updated and take time to respond to reviews left by previous patients.  Also, keep moving forward with efforts that work, like workshops, social media, and relevant blog content, so when the pandemic is over, you’ll be viewed as a trusted advisor.
  • What should go – Jesse said it best when it comes to what should be trimmed during this pandemic: “use a scalpel, not a sledgehammer”. Reevaluating short-term strategies to focus on present and relevant digital marketing efforts is an important step. Strategies like in-office print marketing, aggressive calls-to-action, and physical interaction copy/imagery are not as relevant due to social distancing and should be put on a temporary pause.    
  • What to grow – Now is the time to stock up your digital marketing assets and build your database – this includes gaining social media followers and email subscribers, and producing relevant, engaging gated content to keep them interested and informed.

COVID-19 has Changed every Facet of our Culture

Everyday actions like handshaking, standing less than six feet from people in the grocery line, or going on a walk without the need of a mask may seem like distant memories. All industries are feeling the deleterious effects of the virus, and none are impervious to the economic and financial strain it’s causing.

However, all is not lost. We are all learning how to make adjustments so that we can continue our personal and professional lives despite the limitations imposed by the virus.  It may take some time and planning, but you can figure out how to adapt and still be successful!

Hear the full webinar and learn how to navigate digital marketing for rehab therapy practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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