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Do You Struggle With Rehab Therapy Staffing in Private Practice? This Ebook is For You.

334,000. That’s how many healthcare personnel left the workforce in 2021 alone.1

If you look around your private practice and notice glaringly vacant positions, you join thousands of other clinicians nationwide. 

A recent benchmarking survey conducted by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) found that more than three-quarters (78.9%) of rehab therapy practices reported a 5%-plus level of current openings for their clinic.2

But that tells only part of the story.

Compared to pre-pandemic data, most clinics have more open positions today, and nearly half are facing higher turnover rates than two years ago.3

Such statistics strongly indicate that recruitment and retention levels among physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and support personnel in private practice rehab therapy have plummeted. Fortunately, there are tried-and-true ways to combat these challenges, helping minimize your clinic’s staffing issues as the industry weathers this storm.

You can find actionable rehab therapy staffing tips in our free ebook

What’s the State of Rehab Therapy Staffing?

Difficulty filling open staff positions — and struggles to keep them filled for the long term — is an issue that continues to plague private practice owners. 

For rehab therapy providers who must shoulder the burden of filling continually empty positions, along with keeping their current team intact and efficient in the face of potential burnout, staffing shortages are detrimental. 

Patient outcomes often pay the price… and the more patient care is impacted by a lack of staff, the more practice profitability will suffer.

To date, nearly 22,000 physical therapists left the healthcare workforce.4 And with a 16% total vacancy rate across all employee categories in rehab therapy, it’s safe to say the state of staffing has officially become grim.5

Revamp Rehab Therapy Recruitment

While rehab therapy staffing has taken a hit in recent years, that’s not to say private practice owners can’t implement actionable changes right now.

On the contrary, there are several steps to enhance rehab therapy recruitment initiatives that clinicians can instantly implement to not only drive more applicants to their practice but also keep them there long-term.

In the latest free ebook from Net Health, “7 Steps for Successfully Recruiting for Your Physical Therapy Practice,” you can find practical tips to ramp up your recruitment processes and streamline hiring for your clinic.

Inside the free ebook, you will discover data-backed initiatives, such as:

  • How to plan a recruitment cadence for rehab therapy providers.
  • Where to network to locate potential talent for your practice.
  • How to attract top talent with applicant-preferred benefits. 

For everything you need to staff your practice, download the ebook today!

7 Tips for Successful Rehab Therapy Recruiting

Overcome staffing challenges at your private practice clinic!

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1 4 APTQI, “New Report Shows Thousands of Physical Therapists Left the Workforce in 2021,” Nov. 28, 2022. 
2 3 5 American Physical Therapy Association, “APTA Benchmark Report: Hiring Challenges in Outpatient Physical Therapy Practices,” Sept. 2022. 

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