October 6, 2022 | Net Health

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SALMON Adopts 4 Keys to SNF/LTC Survival With PointRight

While SALMON Health and Retirement has been leading operations for more than 60 years, it recently found that many unforeseen challenges were affecting their industry’s ability to provide the best quality care to SNFs and LTC facilities. In order to make necessary, evolving changes, it was important to focus on noteworthy areas such as keeping low hospital readmission rates, generating accurate surveys, optimizing staffing and attaining optimal census. 

In a case study, SALMON Health and Retirement explained how turning to PointRight Analytics has helped tackle key operational issues while providing valuable insights to their organization.

Low Hospital Readmission Rates

At SALMON, keeping hospital readmission rates low is important as readmission data can greatly affect quality measures. PointRight’s Quality Measures (QM) and PointRight® Pro 30® Rehospitalization solutions helps ensure that SALMON proactively manages their outcomes and looks at real-time MDS data. It also allows them to compare low or high readmission rates of other facilities and identify key issues and problem areas they can best resolve.

Accurate Survey

Preparing for surveys can be stressful, but advance planning allows the company to closely see what’s driving metrics and what are some areas of improvement they need to focus on. PointRight’s Five-Star Fast Track® solution makes this possible with a “what if” feature that sets targets for improvement efforts. Additionally, accurate surveys that are completed early and ahead of time allows the SALMON team to feel empowered talking to each other about key topics that can then drive specific actions.

Optimized Staffing

So many things that revolve around staffing affects what SALMON does on a day-to-day basis, from operations to admissions. PointRight Analytics helps the organization gather necessary data and insights, as well as take a good look at when peak readmissions are, how/if that relates to staffing, who is working and with that data and identify other problems. All this information is generated by reports developed exclusively for SNFs by PointRight.

Optimal Census Levels

As part of their everyday operations, it’s key that SALMON has a clear understanding of their census so that they can also think about what-if situations to plan optimal census levels. PointRight Analytics provides the tools they need to improve their census and make better, strategic decisions. It also helps them secure additional hospital referrals through data and demonstrated key statistics.

Thanks to PointRight Analytics, SALMON Health and Retirement has attained remarkable results that have propelled the organization to achieve high-performance ratings even with the ongoing pandemic. Although they cannot predict the future, they understand and recognize that their commitment to quality care and the use of advanced technology is the path they want to continue to take to achieve all-around success.

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SALMON Health and Retirement Adopts PointRight to Tackle Key Operational Issues Facing SNF + LTC Today

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