May 14, 2021 | Net Health

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Simple Yet Effective Tip #2 for Your Private Practice: Capture and Share Your Ideas

For this week of our new blog series, we want to highlight the importance of ideas. Oftentimes we will let a great idea escape us and not write it down. But you never know the difference it can make in your private practice. Here are simple ways that can you help take note of that idea, and not let it go, when inspiration strikes.

1. Email Yourself

That’s right. When that idea pops up in your mind, shoot yourself a quick email or save it on a Note phone app. You don’t need to fill out all the details. Just jot down the basics and then revisit your idea when you have some more time later.

2. Create an Idea Folder

Whether it’s on paper or electronically, archive your ideas in some place you can easily access and go to. This will help you keep your ideas organized and accessible once recorded.

3. Use a Mobile Phone Recorder

Nowadays, most cell phone recording features that you can or apps available to download for voice recording purposes. A feature like this on your device can be quick and easy, and your recordings can likely even be forwarded to email or your desktop for playback.

4. Spitball Ideas

Spitballing is the tossing around of ideas without fear of repercussion or embarrassment.  If the idea is good, it sticks.  If not, no harm done. Spitballing can come in handy during your staff meetings. Reserve this time for nothing but ideas that can be thrown around with no expectation or fear of embarrassment.

5. Put Together an Idea Challenge

If you’re looking to generate fresh ideas for your practice, share a simple challenge with your team members that you can brainstorm about. An example may be to hold a spitballing session around “three ways we can improve revenue within the next 30 day” or “an idea for a new cash-based service focused on the geriatric population.” Then talk it over and see how you can make those ideas manifest into reality.

Getting organized in order to capture your ideas isn’t difficult nor does it have to cost a dime.  Put some of these suggestions in place and gain the comfort of knowing that when inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready to grab it.

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