May 28, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Simple Yet Effective Tip #4 for Your Private Practice: Reorganize Your To-Dos and Surroundings

Ambience and to-do lists are important when it comes to physical therapy. As part of the patient experience, considering surrounding ambience is the responsibility of all private practice owners. Just as important is looking at your to-do list and reorganizing it if necessary. Taking a strategic look at a few of these areas and finding shortcuts to help you achieve a bit more efficiency can go a long way toward reducing wasted time and frustration.

Try these suggestions below to make the best use of your day and help create a more meaningful experience for your patients.

Appeal to Your Patient’s Senses

Appeal to the senses of sight, sound, touch and smell. How can you make your clientele’s experience better through these senses? Think about what you can do for a quick and meaningful impact to the patient experience in your practice.

Add to Your Ambience

While there are many aspects of ambiance that require significant planning and investment, many are as simple as lighting a candle, plugging in a portable music device, or positioning a television screen.  Take a look around your practice and consider ways in which you can improve the ambiance for your clientele, and on a shoestring budget. 

Reorganize Your Surroundings

Do you spend the same a good bit of time walking down the hall every time you need a piece of paper or towel? Reorganize your surroundings by placing those items that you use most commonly in close proximity to your work area.  Save several minutes per day just in walking time alone!

Bookmark Files, Programs and Websites

Place commonly used files, programs and websites in a shortcut menu or on your computer desktop for quick retrieval. That way you can get to them right when you need to. If you’ve ever taken 60 seconds or longer to navigate to something that you needed on your computer network, you’ll realize how easily you can save several wasted minutes per day in search time.

Delegate Organization Tasks

It’s highly likely that we could all be a little more organized.  It’s also likely that your time is more wisely spent with patients or high-level administration task, not trying to create shortcuts around the workplace.  Find someone who excels in this area and delegate, delegate, delegate!

Without attention placed on creating efficiency through shortcuts, countless seconds turn to minutes, hours, and days per year that you can’t get back.  Make it a priority to create and improve upon shortcuts any time you have the chance and find more time for creating and improving the business you love.

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