June 18, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Simple Yet Effective Tip #7 for Your Private Practice: Stay Connected With Regular Meetings

Although we’ve covered a lot in this series, there’s a couple of things I’d still like to share with you before we come to a close. And this one concerns your staff meetings, and why getting valuable feedback from them matters for your business.

Do you hesitate to schedule staff meetings for fear of wasted time, lost productivity, or sheer boredom?  If so, this may be a sign that meetings are not providing enough value to your team and may need some restructuring. Instead of abandoning meetings altogether, consider changing the focus for a while, and see how your team responds.

Short Meeting Huddles

There are various ways to approach this. One of them includes putting a short 5 to 10 minute “huddle” with your team on the calendar. While 30 to 60 minute meetings are more standard, shortening your meetings will necessitate that your agenda be more focused on critical items, or simply to “check-in” with the team. 

If you’re getting value from your longer meeting sessions (and I hope you are), don’t substitute your huddle for these, but rather sprinkle huddles in between your longer meetings in order to space them out and get more “bang” for your meeting “buck.”

The Value of Team Feedback

Just as important as scheduling regular meetings is making sure you are creating the space for feedback from your team members. A positive aspect of surrounding yourself with smart, caring, and engaging individuals is that they are available to you as a resource. If you’ve got a question to ask or decision to make, they likely have some input. 

The unseen but added benefit to soliciting feedback from those around you – especially those among your team – is that you gain an important level of buy-in that can only come from the mere asking for help.  If you’re building a team, and building a business, feedback from those around you is an important way to grow.

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