January 8, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Step #1 to Recruit for Your PT Practice: Who Do You Need?

When it comes to clinical businesses, we all need clinical staff to help run it and operate it smoothly. As so, most of our efforts are spent looking at the best clinicians and best credentials out there during the hiring process. While this is a popular way of getting things done, the perspective we use to determine who we want as part of our team often benefits from looking beyond the clinical pedigree. 

What to Look For

It’s important to consider other factors as well, and to see how each new hire can positively impact the entire team and lead us all to do great things. Sometimes it may be worth re-evaluating what we really need in our staff and take a closer look at the skills potential staff members have to offer.

Each individual comes with their own skillsets and professional attributes. Some of these are learned through proper training and mentorship, while others are genetically hard coded.  During the recruitment process, one should consider various elements that may serve to be important and unique to their own physical therapy business. Whether it’s customer service, clinical instincts or a person’s creative thinking capabilities, these are all factors that can come into play and help shape the team as a whole.

Write Down a List

As you’re getting ready to start your recruitment process for the new year, it may be a good idea to put a list together of all the characteristics, skillsets and traits you are looking for in a new hire. Think about what will help your business expand and grow. Also think about whether or not the characteristics you have in mind are more or less important than the specific clinical skill you want to add or replace. By stepping outside the box, you may just be surprised to find out who are the individuals that can actually help your rehab therapy practice thrive.

Stay tuned next week as we look into another step that can help you in the recruitment process for the new year.

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