January 22, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Step #3 to Recruit for Your PT Practice: Involve Employees in the Hiring Process

It’s not an easy task to find the best talent and team members for your private practice. Much of the recruiting process requires effort, time and money, which can at times feel overwhelming. To minimize the stress load, consider taking a team approach by involving your employees.

Engaging Your Employees

Think about it. Your employees were hired because they not only met the requirements for the role, but because they also possess great awareness and experience that can be passed forward to potential new employees.

By engaging your employees in this process, you not only reduce your own workload, but you create an organic buy-in and accountability among your team as the process unfolds.

Tips to Consider

Whether your rehab practice is big or small, here are a few tips for involving your employees in the hiring process:

  • Ask your employees to be on the lookout for any potential new hires that may meet job requirements and criteria for the new position. Keeping their eyes open on social media and professional platforms are great ways they can assist with hiring.
  • Ask team members to help out with the resume review process. Perhaps they can arrange a pile of candidates that may appear to be a good fit and would be worth giving further consideration.
  • Gather a few team members to part of a group interview of incoming candidates. This can help your team get a sense of those characteristics and traits which will add the most value to the company.
  • Involve members of your team in the creation and editing of job descriptions, regardless of whether these positions are new or old. Your employees are likely the most familiar with the specific duties required of them, and can help put clear, unambiguous language to the positions defined.

Of the most important decisions you’ll make as a practice owner, building the right team is at the top of the list.  As rushed as you may feel in a pinch, never succumb to the pressure of “filling a position” – always insist on “building a team.”  Taking the time to hire slowly and carefully sift through your list of candidates will ensure that you build a team of individuals who will drive your practice forward and help create a happy work environment for all.

Check in next week to take a look at Step #4 in our series.

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