January 29, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Step #4 to Recruit for Your PT Practice: Network Your Way to New Employees

While it’s helpful to conduct hiring efforts on professional or community job boards, these channels can sometimes produce a large quantity of candidates who are under-qualified, or simply not as interested. One way to achieve better results is to network your way to new employees.

If you think about it, we’re all part of communities with human resources that are interconnected through one or two degrees of separation. This makes for a great opportunity to seek and find new talent.

Networking your way to new employees can be efficient, and it is one of the most social and fun methods available for such a purpose. Look at some of our tips below to brainstorm ideas on how you can network your way to new employees and have this be a valuable component of your private practice business.

Network for New Employees Organically

Keep your eyes open on any kind of employee “movement” that is going on in the industry. For example, let’s say you come across an individual who is not happy in their current professional role and they are looking for new employment opportunities. Take the initiative to speak to this person about their goals and what kind of professional ventures they are seeking.

Engage and Socialize Within Your Market

It’s important to expose yourself to individuals in your market you may not commonly interact with. One of the best ways to network your way to new employees is by getting involved in community events or professional networking events in your area. Get your name and business out there and speak to individuals who may share common interests.

Maintain a Social Presence

No matter which way you slice it, a strong digital presence is key in today’s day and age when it comes to branding yourself and marketing your private practice business. It’s important to provide yourself exposure to those within your professional circle and find ways to stay connected. With so many social media sites and apps to choose from, you can take advantage of a slew of services and opportunities they can offer for you and your company.

Keep Your Competitors Close

Recruitment opportunities also exist within the practices of your competitors. It is not uncommon for a person to work for one or more competitors in a market over the course of their career, and you can also take the opportunity to befriend and network with those who compete with you.

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