December 15, 2020 | Net Health

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Supporting Value-based Care for Wound Care

For long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing facility (SNF) operators, wound care plays a significant role in everything from staff efficiencies to outcomes to reimbursement. It’s also an important factor in the growing push for the industry to expand the adoption of value-based care initiatives. While the industry has always strived to provide quality care, value-based programs put further pressure on SNFs and LTC facilities to continue to optimize their care for wound care patients. 

Having the proper tools to drive accurate documentation and best outcomes is therefore essential. An article in the December 11, 2020 issue of McKnight’s Long Term Care News highlights the importance of technology and provides an overview of five ways wound care technology, as exemplified by what we provide at Net Health, meets the demands of value-based care programs today.


Using Technology to Boost Value-based Care Initiatives for Wound Care

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